Mobile Content Management System

The mobile content management system is where campus organizations can manage their information on the ASUC mobile application, so it can be accessed by the entire campus community.

Office of the President
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Bolster your Organization

With the ASUC Mobile Content Management System, your organization has the ability to reach the entire campus through the ASUC mobile application. Have a look at how you can leverage that.

Manage Your Information

Keep your club profile in order so members and prospective members know that your organization is all about. Manage the details of your club, such as meeting times and locations, as well as your club mission statement and image.

Organize Events |Soon!|

Send information about club events directly to your members' mobile phones, where they can add your events to their calendars.

Get Feedback |Soon!|

Get feedback from members and attendees to your events, use it to boost member satisfaction in your organization.